Revive a Classic

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my old PC at home. I don’t even bother turning it on. It just sits there with its slow processor and its low capacity hard drive. I can’t believe how quickly technology gets outdated. If one dog year equals seven human years, how many human years equal one PC year? 20 human years, maybe?

Fortunately, all is not lost. Someone found a way to utilize an Apple II to make a cool video for Grandaddy‘s song “Jed’s Other Poem”.


Break Social Barriers

Back when I was in high school, girls placed a guy into one of four categories:

  • “Cute”: He was pretty much the guy who got away with anything. He set trends and never had problems getting dates on Saturday nights. His confidence was reinforced by the barrage of candygrams during Valentine’s Day. Some girls even pretended he was funny even though they were mainly laughing because he’s cute. Sometimes he was referred to as “sooo cute”.
  • “Funny”: He may not have been the best looking guy around, but he still managed to be surrounded by girls. He was charming and even his fellow guys respected him. Some of those who were referred to as “sooo funny” by the girls even made the jump to the “cute” category at times.
  • “Nice”: It was the category most guys dreaded falling into. He was the guy that girls ask about homework. He was the reliable lab partner. He was the guy that the other guys trust with their girlfriends. He sometimes was able to jump to the “funny” category, but almost never to the “cute” category.
  • “Who?”: He was not really placed in a category at all. In fact, girls rarely acknowledged him, and when they did, they referred to him as “that guy who…” (e.g. “that guy who wears that same unicorn t-shirt everyday”, “that guy who wears a cape”, or “that creepy guy who keeps smelling my hair in Algebra”)

Anyway, I found this short film on YouTube that illustrates the plight of the common “nice guy”.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Unleash Your Inner Rock Star

Music has such a huge influence in our lives that it was only a matter of time until people started emulating their favorite rock stars’ actions.

Here’s a video of a stressed out businessman having a rock star level tantrum:

Rock stars trash hotel rooms. One businessman, on the other hand, trashes hotel lobbies. Maybe the damages are covered by his per diem.

Sing Outside the Shower

Nothing beats the acoustics and the privacy of the shower. The showerhead practically looks like a microphone, the bathroom is isolated from external noises just like a studio, and the running water sounds like the roar of an audience.

Perhaps it’s time to share your talent with the outside world. I know, none of us want to be like those people that American Idol mocks every season. But you’ll never know if you’ve got something special unless you try it.

Watch this unassuming cell phone salesman as he pursues his dream in a British talent show:

Didn’t it look like the female judge had a mini-orgasm?

So step out of the shower and share your voice to an audience. If it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to the shower singing your rendition of Abba’s “Dancing Queen”.

Appreciate a Good Burger

I try to avoid eating fast food as much as possible. But when I’m on the road and I’m not too familiar with the area, I do break down and order a burger or two. It’s quick, easy, and cheap.

Watch what this magician does to get his fill. The video is in Japanese, but you won’t need to understand the language to appreciate the trick.

By the way, this magic trick does not work on the Jessica Alba on the Fantastic Four movie posters. Trust me, I’ve tried.