Break Hearts

I didn’t do a lot of dating in high school. It was primarily because when I liked a girl, I spent most of my time focused on that person even if she wasn’t really that interested. I was young, naive, and didn’t know any better.

In retrospect, I should have been more man-whorish so that at least my Friday and Saturday nights wouldn’t have been spent hanging around video arcades and going on late night donut runs to Safeway.

Check out how Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame handles his heartthrob status when he visits a building full of Japanese schoolgirls… (warning: may cause temporary deafness)

Honestly though, I’m not sure if I would’ve been able to handle the responsibility of being a socialite. Besides, I really liked those half-priced donuts.


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  1. Those people have some pretty good magic! You know what struck me as odd? Last night I was in Fred Meyers getting some food with Katherine for a dinner party and I saw they had on sale 1/2 a pie. I’d never seen that before and it made me a little bit nervous honestly. What is next? Buying half a donught or half of a cookie? It was so bizarre to me that I called my brother and he told me I was crazy that he’d seen that before. Who buys a pie they can’t finish? Or likes pie so little that they only think they can eat half of one? Honestly!

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