Eat Your Heart Out

After college, I was on a very tight budget due to student loans, a car loan, and credit card debt. In order to make ends meet, I had to figure out how to minimize my daily food expenses.

I limited my diet to only cheap food that I knew how to make. However, I had been spoiled by the meals at the college cafeteria and never bothered to learn how to make anything on my own. I didn’t own a cookbook, and I didn’t have access to recipes on the Internet, which was pretty sparse at the time anyway.

So for those of you, particularly guys, who are in need of a reason to watch a cooking show, you should check out Giada De Laurentiis on the Food Network:


Break Hearts

I didn’t do a lot of dating in high school. It was primarily because when I liked a girl, I spent most of my time focused on that person even if she wasn’t really that interested. I was young, naive, and didn’t know any better.

In retrospect, I should have been more man-whorish so that at least my Friday and Saturday nights wouldn’t have been spent hanging around video arcades and going on late night donut runs to Safeway.

Check out how Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame handles his heartthrob status when he visits a building full of Japanese schoolgirls… (warning: may cause temporary deafness)

Honestly though, I’m not sure if I would’ve been able to handle the responsibility of being a socialite. Besides, I really liked those half-priced donuts.

Become a Renaissance Man

It’s funny how the perception of one’s own skill can be completely shattered upon seeing someone who is exceptional at their craft. Sure, I won back-to-back artist of the year awards in middle school, but in retrospect, I was competing with people who were still drawing stick figures and lollipop trees.

I inadvertently found this video while I was trolling around for Jennifer Love Hewitt clips on YouTube.

I’ve watched the video over and over, and it made me realize that I absolutely know nothing about painting. It’s amazing how it all comes together. I wonder how long it took the artist to complete this in real time.

You can find more of his work at Here’s another example of his work:

The man loves painting cleavage, that’s for sure.

Meet Alyssa Milano in LA

We’ve all played a game that asks the existential question:

If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you like to be stranded with?


If you had a chance to have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

Well, if you answered Alyssa Milano, then maybe the powers that be finally listened to you and is giving you an opportunity. You have until June 15, 2007 to enter a chance to meet her at a Los Angeles Dodgers game.

Ultimate Fan Sweepstakes
Alyssa Milano at a baseball game

I should warn you though that if you do win, you’ll have to provide your own transportation to the game. Good thing you’ve been saving all that money by living in your parents’ basement all this time.

Also, here are some tips when you do meet her:

  1. Learn more about baseball and the Dodgers. I’ve read that she’s actually a fan.
  2. Relax and be yourself.
  3. And most importantly, don’t ask if they’re real.