Break Stereotypes

I had such a bad self-image growing up. I think it was partly because there were very few male Asian role models in the media at the time.

They were either martial artists like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, the nerdy types like Long Duk Dong (Sixteen Candles) and Toshiro Takachi (Revenge of the Nerds), or the wise old man like Mr. Miyagi (The Karate Kid). I was neither a martial artist, a nerd (I think), nor a wise, old man.

So I thought these videos of Bobby Lee from MADtv were totally hillarious:

I have to admit though that it was great that no one ever tried to pick a fight with me in school because they all thought I knew karate or kung fu. Suckers.


Get Some Culture

It’s been a long while since I’ve attended anything remotely cultural. So my wife and I went to the Obon Festival in Portland last Saturday. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect.

It turned out to be quite a good time. The main attraction was the bon odori dances (folk dances) that people could optionally participate in. Emphasis on optional.

Next year, I’d like them to add the Algorithm March dance to their list. The first half of the video demonstrates each step of the dance, including an English translation of the movements. The second half of the video displays how the dance all comes together when performed with a group.

If they decide to add this dance next year, I just might join in on the fun. I’ll be the one wearing the ninja outfit.