Cause a Catfight

I’ve stopped a quite few fights between guys but never fights between girls, not that I would anyway since those fights tend to be vicious yet potentially entertaining.

From what I’ve seen, the fights between females were usually about some guy. I’ve only heard that there are currently more females than males in the world, but I haven’t actually seen the data on that. But if it is true, then I suspect that we will be seeing more and more women intensely competing for the attention of even the barely adequate of males.

I found this video of the Bunny Boiler from a British television show called Balls of Steel:

And here’s another one:

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Eat Your Heart Out

After college, I was on a very tight budget due to student loans, a car loan, and credit card debt. In order to make ends meet, I had to figure out how to minimize my daily food expenses.

I limited my diet to only cheap food that I knew how to make. However, I had been spoiled by the meals at the college cafeteria and never bothered to learn how to make anything on my own. I didn’t own a cookbook, and I didn’t have access to recipes on the Internet, which was pretty sparse at the time anyway.

So for those of you, particularly guys, who are in need of a reason to watch a cooking show, you should check out Giada De Laurentiis on the Food Network:

Flirt Your Way Into Wealth

I didn’t know that there was another career path option I could’ve taken after college.  

Not that it would’ve really been an option for me since the job actually does require charm and good looks. 

Had the job only needed a vast knowledge of Saved by the Bell trivia and Color Me Badd lyrics, then I would’ve been soooo in.