Cause a Catfight

I’ve stopped a quite few fights between guys but never fights between girls, not that I would anyway since those fights tend to be vicious yet potentially entertaining.

From what I’ve seen, the fights between females were usually about some guy. I’ve only heard that there are currently more females than males in the world, but I haven’t actually seen the data on that. But if it is true, then I suspect that we will be seeing more and more women intensely competing for the attention of even the barely adequate of males.

I found this video of the Bunny Boiler from a British television show called Balls of Steel:

And here’s another one:

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Make Lots of Friends

I was never really a comic book guy, and the only exposure I had to superheroes was on television, specifically Super Friends. My favorite among them was the Green Lantern, which in retrospect was an odd choice considering his power came from jewelry and he’s powerless against the color yellow. I’m surprised the supervillains never thought of just running him down with a school bus or making him slip on a banana peal.

Anyway, I found this video mash up between Super Friends and one of my favorite scenes from Friends:

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s once again time to go shopping for candy.

It’s the only time of year that my wife and I buy candy so we try to buy ones that we would eat in case of leftovers. This means none of the following:

Tootsie Rolls

Tootsie Roll
It’s the candy that adults give to trick kids into thinking they’re getting a chocolate treat.

Dubble Bubble Gum

Dubble Bubble Gum
It’s a good thing that the flavor of this gum only lasts 2 seconds.

Circus Peanuts

Circus Peanuts
Why does this candy taste like bananas? Somewhere out there is a banana-shaped candy that tastes like peanuts.

Root Beer Barrels

Root Beer Barrels
Is this candy supposed to taste more like an actual root beer barrel instead of root beer?

Goetze Caramel Creams

Caramel Cream
The name of the candy company sounds like a variation of the name of an infamous Internet shock site. And if you look closely at the candy, it looks just like what that website is known for.

Strawberry Delights

Strawberry Delights
I love artificial strawberry flavors so I can drink any generic strawberry soda out there. But this candy totally defeats me. Yuck!

Atomic Fireballs

Atomic Fireballs
One way to stop your kids from realizing the joys of eating candy is by scarring them for life with these.

Candy Corn

Candy Corn
I’ve always been a fan of candy corn, but we’ve avoided handing them out since a lot of people absolutely despise them, including my wife. The weird thing is that if I eat any more than three pieces of candy corn, I get a really bad headache, kind of like getting brain freeze when I drink a 7-11 Slurpee quickly. It’s probably my body’s way of telling me to stop eating such crappy candy.

While on the topic of candy, here’s a video I found of a Pop Rocks commercial, showing other uses for their candy:

Eat Your Heart Out

After college, I was on a very tight budget due to student loans, a car loan, and credit card debt. In order to make ends meet, I had to figure out how to minimize my daily food expenses.

I limited my diet to only cheap food that I knew how to make. However, I had been spoiled by the meals at the college cafeteria and never bothered to learn how to make anything on my own. I didn’t own a cookbook, and I didn’t have access to recipes on the Internet, which was pretty sparse at the time anyway.

So for those of you, particularly guys, who are in need of a reason to watch a cooking show, you should check out Giada De Laurentiis on the Food Network:

Break Stereotypes

I had such a bad self-image growing up. I think it was partly because there were very few male Asian role models in the media at the time.

They were either martial artists like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, the nerdy types like Long Duk Dong (Sixteen Candles) and Toshiro Takachi (Revenge of the Nerds), or the wise old man like Mr. Miyagi (The Karate Kid). I was neither a martial artist, a nerd (I think), nor a wise, old man.

So I thought these videos of Bobby Lee from MADtv were totally hillarious:

I have to admit though that it was great that no one ever tried to pick a fight with me in school because they all thought I knew karate or kung fu. Suckers.