Make People Laugh

I recently read something mysterious that someone wrote in my high school yearbook.

“…I’ll never forget in Ashland when I heard you say something so funny and so not like what I thought you were like – me and Julie were eavesdropping and it was just soooo funny but I won’t tell you what cuz it’s just so funny…”

It’s been been more than 14 years since it was written. I didn’t pay much attention to it before, but now it bothers me that I don’t know what the author was referring to. I guess it’s bothering me because I never thought I was that funny, and secondly, I want to know what people did think I was like. I know, I have issues.

Here’s some funny material from Demetri Martin to keep you entertained while I try to figure all of this out.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever determine what the yearbook entry means. It is going to haunt me for the rest of my days. Damn you, nostalgia!